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COVID - 19
Hacienda la Rusa always strives for the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. Even before Covid, we cleaned and disinfected everything and we will continue to incorporate the evolving best practices to mitigate the spread of Covid - 19 and protect our guests, staff and our village.
Vaccination Requirements - Proof of vaccination is required to be an employee, guest, vendor or visitor at Hacienda la Rusa. 
Masks Requirements - Masks are required in public .
Social Distancing Requirements -  please, respect other guests comfort level of socializing during the COVD - 19 era and continue practicing social distancing of minimum 6 feet from guests not traveling with you. 

Please, have a plan B if you test positive and need to stay longer in beautiful tropical Mexico and enjoy the beach for another week or so . If we have a room available , you will be able to quarantine at Hacienda , being extremely cautious , avoid going to common areas, and not cross pathing with other guests. But we also recommend , ahead of time, to check online for some budget rentals in the village or in Zihuatanejo, where you could peacefully quarantine, if needed. 

Covid - 19 Testing in Zihuatanejo , Mexico

information might change without a notice, please, double check a few days prior .

JJanuary, 20201 update  - there are portable self test Covid tests now available online and certain locations in US and Canada, please, research and verify with your airline if your at home self tests will be accepted upon return to your destination.

USA - Antigen test 

Location - Airport 
Price - $579 pesos with your airline ticket or $699 without a ticket . Credit or Debit cards only.

Time Frame - Antigen testing required by the U.S. government for returning and results can be obtained within 30 minutes. Arrive to the airport approximately  1 day prior to your scheduled departure to allow time for testing and results.

Barra de Potosi Taxi cost - $300 + $300 = $600 pesos to the airport and back .
Yogi will drive you for $500 pesos.

Or take Combi ( public bus ) for 25 pesos round trip leaves Barra de Potosi every half an hour 
Canada - PCR test 

Location  - ZihuaLab Análisis Clínicos ( this is where I had my PCR done when flying to Canada, but there are other labs in Zihuatanejo where you can have PCR test done )

Address - La Parota, El Hujal, 40880 Zihuatanejo, Gro., Mexico
Phone: +52 755 141 8424
Whatsapp +52 7555594999  
Price - $3500 pesos. Credit or Debit card, Cash.

Time Frame - PCR testing required by Canadian government for returning. 

if your flight is on Monday - do the test on Saturday morning 
if your flight is on Tuesday  - do the test on Sunday morning 
if your flight is on Wednesday - do the test on Monday morning 
if your flight is on Thursday - do the test on Tuesday morning 
if your flight is on Friday  - do the test on Wednesday morning 
if your flight is on Saturday - do the test on Thursday morning 
if your flight is on Sunday - do the test on Friday morning 
Step 1 . If your flight is leaving on Tuesday, call the Lab on Saturday evening to make an appointment for your PCR test on Sunday morning between 8.30 am and 9.30 am 
Step 2. Schedule your taxi to pick you up at 8 am in the morning on Sunday , and you will be back for breakfast .
Step 3. Give your phone number and email address to the Lab.
Step 4. If you dont have your test results on Monday night around 6 pm , give them a reminder call , and you will have them soon , the latest on Tuesday morning. 

Barra de Potosi Taxi cost - $400 + $400 = $800 pesos to Zihua Lab and back 
Yogi will drive you for $700 pesos.
Or take Combi ( public buses ) for approx 50 pesos round trip , Combi leaves Barra de Potosi every half an hour , you will have to change buses at the airport.

if you are a guest of Hacienda la Rusa, please, ask Yogi to make your appointment, call the lab and schedule your ride , and feel free to contact me if you have any questions, we are happy to take care of our  guests. 

Stasya Briggs 
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