Monday, February 23, 2015

buenos dias para todo el mundo de Barra de Potosi

Monday, February 16, 2015

barra de potosi beach and restaurants

fresh delicious lobster dinner for 4 people was around 50 USD - it does not get better than that!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Playa Blanca

En este hermoso amanecer, que ya llego venimos con profunda gratitud,
porque el Señor nos consedio otro dia de felicidad

Monday, February 2, 2015

bungalows barra de potosí

bungalows en barra de potosí

Bungalows are small Barra de Potosi vacation houses similar to a cottage. This vacation option is easy on your wallet and offers more freedom than a hotel. Enjoy all the services of bed and breakfast, open living areas and self-contained accommodations. The convenience, security, privacy, and space will let you feel more at home while in Mexico. If you are looking to find the true Mexican lifestyle, explore our tropical style palapa roof bungalows by the beach. Walking to the ocean sea first thing in the morning is a great reminder that you are on vacation. Hearing the waves at night confirms that you are really in paradise!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Barra de Potosi

If you're planning a vacation, renting a bungalow or house or a room at bed and breakfast in Barra de Potosi instead of a luxury condo or vacation house can save you big bucks. Plus, you'll have more space to relax and enjoy your home away from home. Staying at bed and breakfast is an especially smart choice if you're traveling with a family or group of friend or with kids. You will have an innkeeper to take care of you and your entire family for the duration of your stay, you will have breakfast, snacks, happy hour included in your room rate. You will have day or night someone who speaks your language and understands your needs at your service.

Friday, January 23, 2015

our village Barra de Potosi, Guerrero, Mexico

Barra de Potosi, Guerrero, Mexico is a small rustic fishing village sometimes noisy, sometimes peaceful, often empty, on holidays full of tourists, but always friendly.. always simple.. slow and relaxing...

Monday, January 19, 2015

Accommodations in Barra de Potosi and Playa Blanca

Barra de Potosi and Playa Blanca offers many accommodations. When it comes to planning your trip, the most important decision you’ll make is where to stay in Barra de Potosi and Playa Blanca. If you know what type of Barra de Potosi and Playa Blanca a accommodation is right for you, booking your hotel, luxury villa, bungalow at bed and breakfast or small rental beach house will be much easier..

When staying in Playa Blanca you will be just a short cab ride to the village, restaurants, and activities.
When staying in Barra de Potosi you will be just a short walk to restaurants, village and activities.

whatever place you choose, you will fall in love with the beach and friendly people.

Barra de Potosi is the friendliest village in the world, and is the most wonderful place for a vacation, second home and retirement!

Friday, January 16, 2015

visit Playa Blanca

Those in search of a picturesque stretch of sand will want to visit Playa Blanca. Its 10 mile shoreline is accessible at Barra de Potosi and a few entrances. Its wide sand, calm waves, amazing nature and easily accessible amenities in Barra de Potosi make it a perfect romantic getaway spot
for nature and beach lovers

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

comfortable bed and tasty breakfast

charming rooms, comfortable bed, tasty breakfast, friendly hosts, and there is so much more...

The center of everything we do are our guests. We do everything we can to listen to our clients' needs and expectations. We are prepared to go above and beyond to please our guests and make them feel comfortable and at home.

Rental Bungalow Playa Blanca in our Bed and Breakfast by the beach in Barra de Potosi

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

baby turtles release with volunteers from Campamento Tortuguero Ayotlcalli

one of the most amazing wonderful moments in my life...

Monday, January 12, 2015

what to do in Barra de Potosi !

Water Activities in Barra de Potosi - Get outside and explore Barra de Potosi in the fresh air and great outdoors!

BOATING - All aboard! See Barra de Potosi from its best point – the water! Take a boat to explore the coast, lagoon & the bay!

FISHING - snapper, tuna and dorado are waiting to fall for you hook! Spend the day fishing for sport or food!

SNORKELING - snorkeling is easy and a fun way to all that awaits exploration under the Pacific and Bahia de Potosi!

KAYAKING - go kayaking or canoeing for the sunset, through the lagoon and mangroves. Maybe you’ll see pink birds if you’re lucky!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

dream beach vacation

Nothing says vacation like crystalline blue waters, sandy beach and luxurious indulgence. Satisfy your inner adventurer with a vacation you'll never forget. Whether you want to stroll for seashells, ride waves, or build sand castles - Playa Blanca is the amazingly perfect fit for anyone who wants peace and seclusion.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Playa Blanca

 Esperando al Sol... Playa Blanca, bonita e tranquila

our property is located only steps from this the most beautiful secluded and spectacular beach

Thursday, January 1, 2015

When is the best time of year to visit Barra de Potosi

So you were wondering when is the best time to come visit Barra de Potosi.
Of course, I personally think any time of the year is a great time by the beach in tropics! :)

Barra de Potosi has a semi tropical climate throughout the year with temperatures
ranging between night - day : 23 - 33 °C or 73 - 91 °F . The rainy season is
from June to September and it can sometimes extended to mid-October. Mother Nature is unpredictable and it still might rain occasionally in November and rarely in winter months.

Temperatures are steady throughout the year and provide people with the opportunity to enjoy the beach and outdoor activities regardless of the season.

December: 85 during the day, 75 at night and less humid. Very comfortable weather.
Pools are still warm enough by mid day. Ocean water is still very warm and even early in the morning a blast to swim.

December is the busiest season with 12th - Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Christmas and New Year. Make your travel arrangements well in advance if you’re visiting during peak season.

Thousands of people on the beach, buses from the neighboring states lining up along the road, fireworks, music everywhere, unfortunately lots of garbage everywhere too. Too much noise sometimes to my taste. It is fun to experience it once or twice, but later on if there is a choice, I'd choose time either before or after the holidays.

: Mid-80s during the day, mid-70s in the evening. Sunshine and blue skies. Extremely comfortable weather. It can get windy sometimes, which is great - blows mosquitoes away. Pools are getting cooler. Water in the ocean is pleasant. Shallow waters of the lagoon are warm. That’s when you’ll see the most visitors from the U.S. and Canada come to enjoy the consistent sunshine and the beach. Make your Barra de Potosi travel arrangements well in advance if you’re visiting during peak season.

Semana Santa or Easter Week: is one of the most popular times for Mexican families to visit the beach, combining with spring break, it can be even busier than Christmas. Local residents from up north try to head back to their summer residences before the Semana Santa. Easter weekend belongs to the Mexicans, who flock to the beaches.

April: is another perfect month to visit. The weather is lovely everyday. Blue skies, not a drop of rain, no jelly fish, no crowds, pools are getting warmer, ocean is warmer too.

May and June: sometimes can be the hottest months out of the year. 90s during the day, high 70 at night and not a drop of rain and very little breeze. Mangos are getting ripe.

July - August: It is not at all uncommon to experience temperatures in the mid 90s during the day and high 70s at night. You’ll definitely want to keep the fan on you on these steamy nights. Even though this is the rainy season, you will find that many of the tropical storms are short-lived. Electrical storms are spectacular events and last 2 - 3 hours. It’s enough to keep away the crowds, so if you like a little more elbow room and you don’t mind a rain shower or two (much of the rain actually falls at night) this is the season for you. It will be relatively busy during late July and early August, when Mexican families go to Barra de Potosi for their summer vacation. Mangos are dirt cheap.

September: the most peaceful month of the year with occasional hurricanes and tropical storms and no tourists around.
The temperatures begins to slightly cool down. Its still hot and humid, but the storms bring a refreshing breeze, pools turn into hot tubs and you can sleep in the water, so comfortable it is. Día de la Independencia is in September.

October - November: the shoulder season with occasional storms, very warm water, just a few people on the beach.The temperatures also begin to slightly cool down. Everything is bright green and lush. Tropics, baby!

Friday, December 26, 2014

your vacation home away from home

The moment that you enter our private, walled compound your magical vacation begins. A mere 25 meters from the south end of the Playa Blanca, the most picturesque secluded beach of Guerrero , Hacienda la Rusa offers you the ultimate in traditional Mexican living.

Steps from the beach,  restaurants and the village, this bed and breakfast is your vacation home away from home!  Soak up the sun, relax under the palapa, watch visiting birds from the lagoon, or simply allow the gentle winds to carry your cares away.