Hi, I am Stasya aka La Rusa.
Me and my partner , Mike , are the owners of this small magical bed and breakfast. We live here in Barra de Potosi most of the year, and hopefully will have a chance to personally greet you and welcome you to Hacienda la Rusa.
The rhythms of our bed and breakfast revolve around peace, zen, happiness, animal welfare and green practices: rescuing, sterilizations, recycling, using renewable resources as much as possible, minimizing our environmental impact in every decision we make, supporting and interacting with the local community.
Barra de Potosi is a rural, rustic and authentic mexican fishing village, 30 minutes and a world away from the major resort city of Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo. Barra de Potosi is remote, basic and simple; the right place for a visitor with a taste for a cultural adventure and untouched natural beauty!
Barra de Potosi beach Playa Blanca is a beautiful 10 miles long stretch of yellow sand. Barra de Potosi lagoon is a sanctuary with over 200 species of birds, insects, lizards...

If you love adventure, nature and Mexico, this is the place to go and We are looking forward to meeting you here! La Rusa

Saturday, October 1, 2016

May 2014 - May 2016 Amigos de Animals de Barra de Potosi

Amigos de Animals de Barra de Potosi

May 2014 - May 2016
celebrating 2 years of
Amigos de Animales hard work !
608 dogs and cats were sterilizes in Barra de Potosi and neighboring communities
72 dogs and cats were adopted by local Mexican families
18 dogs and cats were rescued , transported and adopted in US and Canada
Amigos de Animales of Barra de Potosi and Baja Spay and Neuter Foundation organized 2 free and low cost sterilization clinics, which resulted in 100 animals sterilized during 3 days clinic in October 2015 and 252 animals sterilized during one week clinic in April, 2016 .
numerous dogs, puppies, cats and kittens were fed, vaccinated, treated for fleas, ticks, mange etc
This huge work could never be done without you , your support, your donations, your efforts , transporting , fostering , adopting ...
YOU are our true heroes - Amigos de Animales !
thank you, Stasya Briggs
Hacienda La Rusa www.haciendalarusa.com
Amigos de Animales www.barradepotosimexico.com